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Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information Act

Introduction to FOI Act

The Freedom of Information Act gives everyone both inside and outside the University, a general right of access to information (subject to exemptions provided for in the Act) held by the University.

The University must supply this information in two ways:

  1. By producing a publication scheme which details the type of information the University routinely provides to the public and how the public may access this information.
  2. By considering all requests for information within 20 working days and supplying this information if it is not covered by an exemption.

Additional information relating to the FOI Act:

The University of Central Lancashire Freedom of Information Policy and Procedures

Explanation of Freedom of Information Act

How to make a FOI request.

The Information Commissioner's website.

The FOI Act

The University Publication Scheme

Frequently Asked Questions

Information for staff dealing with FOI requests and related issues - internal training pages for staff of the University of Central Lancashire

E-mail: dpfoia@uclan.ac.uk, Ext 2561



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